recycled aluminium storage pot

Recycled Aluminium Storage Pot

£26.00 £13.00

A generously sized lidded storage pot, completely handmade using recycled materials and sourced fairtrade. The pot and lid are made from an eco-mix that includes chalk powder, water, paper pulp and clay. The exterior is covered in embossed recycled aluminium with a burnished patina.

Ideal for storage of jewellery, craft supplies or anything else you need to hand but would like to be tucked out of sight!

Diameter: 20.5cm Height: 11.5cm


In stock

This medium scale manufacturer has two factories and employs over 400 members of staff. Their manufacturing processes focus heavily on the use of recycled and natural materials. Their workers receive paid leave, GPA and bonuses, and they also cultivate a strong social aspect to their work, and host regular get-togethers and outings for staff. They are proud to be one of the largest exporters of handicraft products in India, with a commitment to quality, social and environmental issues.

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