Stone House (Casa do Penedo)

Stone House (Casa do Penedo)

In Portugal, in the mountains near the town of Fafe, there is a fabulous house made of rocks. This house was built between huge stones that replace its walls. The asymmetrical windows and moss-covered boulders, the swimming pool carved into the stone: this unique structure has become a tourist attraction. The house has a swimming pool, a fireplace and everything you could wish for in a private home. It looks so organic that you wouldn’t even know it was someone’s house.

This unusual house was built by Victor Rodriguez in 1973. Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, he built a stone house for himself and his family, where he could retreat to enjoy peace and quiet.

A picturesque stone house in Portugal

At first glance, the stone house looks like the set of a fantasy film, but it is easy to visit and admire. The “Casa do Penedo”, or Flintstone House, is located between Fafe and the municipality of Cabeiras de Basto in northern Portugal. The house is striking because it is built with four rocks that act as watchtowers protecting it from the strong winds of the area. They also serve as foundations, walls and roofs. No wonder the stone house is one of the 50 strangest structures in the world.

This stone house was built by an engineer from the Portuguese city of Guimarães. Construction began in 1974 and lasted a total of two years. The interior of the house is decorated in a rustic style. The walls, the ceiling, the columns, the narrow staircase leading to the first floor… everything is made of wood. Each room has its own shape. Depending on the size and shape of the block, it can be triangular or rectangular. The house has a cosy fireplace and the beds are made to measure. The absence of electric cables and the presence of a swimming pool also attract everyone’s attention.

Originally, the owners used the house as a rural retreat. However, given its originality and the curiosity of the many tourists, the owner Vítor Rodrigues could not fully relax. For example, he was sitting in a room in his house when, all of a sudden, someone started looking through the window inside. There were also times when people would open the door and come in. On Sundays the house in general seemed like a place of pilgrimage. With the popularity, curious visitors and architecture enthusiasts, vandalism began to occur. The owner of the stone house replaced the broken windows 20-30 times. So now there are bars on the windows, the windows themselves are bullet-proof, the main door is made of steel and weighs 400 kg, even the sofa is made of concrete and eucalyptus wood and weighs 350 kg.

As it was not possible to isolate oneself in the house, a small museum with relics and historical photos “Casa do Penedo” was founded. If you want to visit the museum, it is situated 10 km from the centre of Fafe. If you want to visit it, it is located 10 km from the centre of Fafe.

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